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Eco & Quality

Quality of Pansy

Pansy Mark is a sign of "responsibility and warranty". Based on this strong quality philosophy, pansy has established a strict quality control system with test inspection equipment as inferior to public institutions. Of course, it is skill of each and every employee that produces the quality of pansies. We are also delivering "safe and secure" products by thoroughly maintaining consistent manufacturing responsibilities and work environments.

Unique environmental preservation activities "Sincerity Forest of Pansy"

As a company that uses timber that is precious forest resources, pansies develop environmental conservation activities throughout the company from the viewpoint of social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability. Near the Kinan Pansy Nakahebashi Factory Wakayama Prefecture Tanabe City Naka-ebashi Town Nagakawa Area 2.25 hectares of mountain forest in the area is named "Forest of Pansy Magokoro", and we conduct forest conservation projects such as planting and growing about 7,000 trees.

Quality of Pansy