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Thank you!200 million pairs

Pursue existence that is constantly chosen with origin, compassion, compassion, sincere manufacturing creed.

I would like to become a company that can hold both hearts of compassion and compassion firmly in my chest and make both people who buy one pair and those who make a pair happy. In pursuit of this wish, we have two letters of "faithfulness" as our management philosophy.
In recent years, as informationization progresses in all aspects, the eyes of consumers are getting more and more strict, and all industries that make things are forced to face harsh survival competition. However, we are committed to the origin of providing faithfully produced products at reasonable prices, and from the market such as working on reform of the supply process through collaboration with reliable partners and distribution policy targeting three generations markets It is supported and continues to challenge as a constantly chosen existence.

Under the slogan "Elegant Everyday, Easy Pansy." We will continue to provide new shoes for people's lives and society by enriching new product development and brand strategy full of sensibility with unique functionality.

Representative Director Takashi Hatanaka

Representative Director
Takashi Hatanaka