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About Us

Brief History

1962 January Founded Hatanaka chemical industry at Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi Shitadera-cho 2-chome, 1-37
1963 May Established Hatanaka Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., trademark "Top Chidori"
1970 November Osaka Naniwa-ku, Nihonbashi Higashi 1-chome, 6-6 head office building completed in
1973 May Changed its name to the Corporation Hatanaka, change trademark to "Pansy"
1974 June Capital increase to 40 million yen in capital, sales company pansy Fukuoka Sales Co., Ltd. Established
1975 January National agency organization "Pansy Promotional Group" founded
September Established a quality management department
1980 May It will be the first direct management factory pansy Kasaoka plant operation
1982 February Daiichishohin Center (Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi) completed
1985 July Kinan pansy Co., Ltd. is established, notes payable entirely abolished
1986 March Second commodity Center (fujiidera) operation, Kinan pansy Nakahechi plant operation
1987 April CI introduction, revision of pansy logo mark, Fukuoka trade center completed
1988 February Pansy Expo to be held in Osaka and Tokyo, private placement issuance of the first
May Kinan pansy Dragon plant operation
1990 January Kinan pansy Miyama factory operation
1991 November Erected employee memorial tower in Koyasan
1993 September Apex Co., Ltd. established
1994 April Established HUAIAN CHINA APEX SHOES CO.,LTD. the factory entered the Jiangsu Huai'an China
2002 August Start the net sales "pansy Store"
2004 October Co., Ltd. changed its name pansy
2005 April Singer-Hiromi Ota and the image character contract
2006 July Techno stage logistics center operation, Web system introduced
2009 March Techno stage logistics center new building completed
May Participation in forest conservation activities of Wakayama Prefecture, "Pansy sincerity of the Forest"
2010 March Pansy directly managed shops 1 shop to become Sugamo shop is open
2011 January Certification from Wakayama Prefecture of "CO2 absorption, such as environmental conservation activities by the forest."
April Rain step is awarded the highest technology award of shoes in APLF2011
2012 February Acquisition of process patent rain step
May Net Division establishment, opened in Rakuten Ichiba
2013 June Patent registration of stretch alpha
2014 April Opened collaboration shop in Shoemart Isesaki store, start an in-shop expansion
2015 April Announced the care shoes "Poem"
September Start the exhibition in the Amazon
2016 March Opened in Yahoo! Shopping
September Pansy direct management shop Kansai first appearance shop to become Shinkyogoku shop is open
2017 October New headquarters completed in Osaka City Naniwa-ku, Nihonbashihigashi 1-11-8
November Receive the Osaka Regional Taxation Bureau length awards, achieved total sales foot number 200 million pairs